Port Hope growers are dedicated contributors to the local community, bringing fresh food to your markets and your dinner plates. Take a self-guided tour around the countryside to say hello and sample.

Get to know where your food comes from

The Port Hope countryside makes for a beautiful drive or cycle. You'll see barns, farm fields, gardens, cows, goats and alpacas! We've created a Fresh Food Guide Tour so you can map out your visit to local farms. It's a great way to connect with the land and bring home some fresh, wholesome local food.

Port Hope's Fresh Food Guide brochure on table surrounded by vegetables
Digital Fresh Food Guide

See what's available and map out your next rural adventure.

Man looking at phone plotting route in farmers field
Interactive Fresh Food Map

Find the farm gate pins on your phone and track your location as you go.

See barns, farmers and taste fresh local goods

Local food is about building community and supporting the local economy. Come say hello to our farmers and see their operations. Bring a cooler to take home in-season berries, vegetables and pasture-raised beef and lamb. Or how about some amazing local smoked trout? Tasty!

For more country touring along the back roads, you can follow the Barn Quilt Trail to see the art tile quilts by local artists that tell the stories of our historic barns.