Port Hope grew up around the Ganaraska River streaming through town and into Lake Ontario. It provided the early power for grist mills and breweries, and became famous for its spawning fish migrations.

Picturesque Ganaraska River has a story to tell

The Ganaraska River is one of our best features. It makes a beautiful backdrop for patio dining overlooking the gently rushing water, and it's also played a significant role in Port Hope history as a power source for early business development. You can walk the riverside trails to see landmarks and heritage buildings that now have contemporary lives. And thousands of salmon and trout swim upstream and jump the fish ladder to migrate to their spawning grounds during the seasonal fish migrations.

River race commemorates Port Hope's resilience after 1980 flood

The one of a kind Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny River Race is a 10km paddle frenzy down the Ganaraska River in kayaks, canoes and homemade crazy crafts with costumed sailors and squirt guns. It's the only time you'll see boats on the river. The famous event marks the community's rally to rebuild after the river flooded the downtown in 1980, evacuating merchants and damaging many of the heritage buildings. Hundreds came out to clean up the aftermath.