Horror author Stephen King has visited Port Hope, too! The IT movies were filmed here – everybody's favourite small town is the perfect foil for spine-chilling mayhem.

Tour the IT film locations in Port Hope (in daylight)!

If you've seen the movies, you'll recognize Memorial Park downtown where a 20-foot statue of Paul Bunyan presided and members of the Losers Club sat nearby at a picnic table. And don't miss the laneway off Walton Street beside the film's Quality Meats store. You can still find the sign in the alleyway for a souvenir selfie. Check out our IT tour map that highlights the set locations.

Take a selfie at all your favourite movie spots 

The Capitol Theatre listed Batman and Leathal Weapon 2 on the marquee in the first IT movie. Port Hope had a street party downtown for the movie release that followed on the Capitol Theatre big screen! Come take some memorable selfies on the popular self-guided tour.

For more claims to fame and stories of Port Hope, take a Heritage Walking and Driving Tour while you're in town.